"Mute" multiple audio clippings?

Hello there. I am new to Audacity, but I did a share of research on this subject but could not find the answer. Is there a way to “mute” all the sounds that are clipped in one go?
I have several tracks that are like this:
Is it possible to “mute” all this clipping in one go without influencing the other sound or is the only way to do it manually? Because when I was searching around the forum, all I found were ways how to bring the clipping down.But the actual clipped parts (all that should be red with show clipping) were never muted and the clip fixes always influenced the whole track and not just the clipped parts.

You can turn on Clipping Indicator:
View > Show Clipping to help you find the damaged work, but I don’t think automation is going to come to your rescue. A tool like that would not help very much and would probably make the problem worse.

A damaged wave consists of the lead-up, the actual clipping, and the decent. An automated tool would just get rid of the actual clipped portion and leaving the other two and a very harsh buzzing an octave higher.

Also, clipping is a little magic. If you got the clipping before Audacity, then Audacity may not be able to find it.


Well I do know about the show clipping and yes everything clipped does show up as red. To be more specific, Is it possible to mute everything that is above 1.0 on the vertical scale (is it called Db?) ? Basically everything that is clipped (I think it goes above 5.0 on the scale) is what I want muted or erased (muted would be better but I can go with erased).
I basically want it to be like this and I am wondering if there is a fast way to do it or if the only way is to do it manually.
clipping gone.jpg

I can’t see quite enough on your picture. Please right click on the vertical track scale near the left end of the waveform. That will zoom out vertically so that we can see if the waveform goes above 0 dB or is clipped at 0 dB. Then post a new screen shot. (Left click on the vertical scale to zoom back in).

The blue wave vertical scale is in percent. 1 = 100% and that’s where the damage happens. The sound meters are in dB and you should probably expand them so you can see them more accurately. Grab the right-hand edge and pull sideways.


I know of no tools that can suppress work like that.


Does this help? With and without “show clipping”

Try the “Pop Mute” plug-in: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/new-plug-in-effect-popmute/17499/1
You will need to set the “Threshold” to just under 0 dB (try -0.001) and “Mute Level” to -100 dB.

Yes this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.