music trance how do i do that?

hello there, is there way i can do a brain trance for music? and how do i do this brain trance through audacity for a brain trance for music? is there a plugin for that or something? is there video on this?

You can import some trance music into Audacity, and at your own risk, listen to it, or pin the playback head and become mesmerised as you look at the waves.

Or are you talking about Brainwave entrainment?


Is there a reason you won’t tell us what version of Windows you are using? :bulb:


windows 10 x64

also i would like to make my own music trance instead of just some else doning it for me

yes i would like to make my music into brainwave entrainment. is there plugin for that? and transform my music into to that?

Thank you. I updated your Profile. So when you ask a question you only now need to to tell us your version of Audacity (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page).



Normally you insert hidden messages at inaudible volumes, or for brainwave entrainment, insert low frequency tones in each channel at very slightly different frequencies. See Missing features - Audacity Support and read the links in that plugin’s description.

Audacity takes no responsibilty whatever for any harm you do to yourself.


You might want to read this .