Music through a wall

Hi guys - been using Audacity for a while…

Any advice on how I’d go about filtering a piece of music to sound like you’re hearing it from next door? Large rattly speakers and concrete walls for preference.

The main thing is to reduce the treble a lot, so that it sounds noticeably muffled. (High frequencies are mostly blocked by walls). Try the “Low pass Filter” - as a starting point, set the filter frequency to 1000 Hz (adjust to taste).

Large rattly speakers

The rattle will not make it through the wall.

concrete walls

You can get concrete walls to not pass much of anything.

How about your show takes place in an old wooden frame house? You can throw a little Hollywood in there. One actor says, “Isn’t that the music system from next door?” Then you only have to get close. If this is a plot point, you may have some interesting problems selling it.