Music stopping on some arena sound systems

I cut music with Audacity for figure skating programs.They are complex program (and are usually big files). I use a lot of the “Duplicates” and “Generate Silence” options.

I export my music into a wave file before I burn it with Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator. Sometimes, my programs don’t play, or stop playing in the middle. What could be the problem?

You’re making a standard Music CD, right? Not a Data CD? It plays in your car?

It’s not unusual to need to explore a bit before you settle on a maker of Blank CDs and the Burning Speed.

I use Sony Blank CDs and I never let the burn speed go much over X16. Other elves have had different experiences, but you still have to match up the process to the disks for best success.

That and a club I go to had a miserable time with their CD player. They had a dual player that you could do dance mixes on. It never worked right and at the end of the week we all volunteered to take it out and shoot it if the management didn’t fix it.

They did.


Yes, I am making a standard Audio CD and it plays in my car.

I don’t know if I have a burning speed option. I use Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning…

P.S. I know how bad arena players can be! Such a headache! lol

It may not be obvious, but if you have the paid version of Roxio, it will have burning speed settings there somewhere – possibly in a preference or pull-down menu.

The free version of Roxio is missing some of the tools.

Buy or borrow somebody’s top quality blank disks – Maxell, Sony, TDK – and burn simple music tests on each one slowly. I settled on 16X and my reliability went way up over “As Fast As Possible.” That setting can be a problem. Test in the club.

I also have, both at work and home, a total piece of crap player. The idea is that if it plays here, it will play anywhere. I can’t tell you the number of times that’s gotten us out of trouble. We could tell instantly when one of the manufacturers of blank disks chanced their formula. All the new burns instantly failed.