Music sections in time

A basic request - I wish to take sections of a song and extend it by adding sections from the song in the middle - a bit like a re-mix but only in the structure. How do I do this so everything is in time. Can you point me to a YouTube video maybe.

Thank you in anticipation - btw I’m a new user

I’ve not tried this myself, but …

You need to understand the structure of the song and be able to identify bars of music.

Make a selection and listen using Audacity’s loop function to make sure you have selected exactly one or more bars. It helps to be able to identify the “one”.

Copy that selection to the clipboard. Or you could use the Repeat effect to repeat the selection any number of times.

If you are going to insert the selection somewhere else in the song you need to find the exact point where the bars will fit. Once you have found the right spot, Paste.

All the above is done with listening, understanding the structure of the song, and trial & error.

– Bill