music sample has lots of pops and scratches

I’ve attached a 15 second mp3 file that has alot of pops and scratch noise. I’ve tried many suggestions to remove/reduce them (while not harming the music) w/out success.
This is just a short sample of an hour long tape w/ the same pops and scratches throughout.
Hopefully someone can recommend a better way.
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In some cases there is no music when the pop/scratch occurs
So best-case-scenario there will be silence where the scratch was.

Have you tried editing the original recording, or was it converted to mp3 first? (e.g. .WAV file) This can make a difference.

Thanks, that works, but there are hundreds if not more :frowning:

Thanks, yes I do have the wav file and I’ve tried all the suggestions on it, but the same poor results. :frowning:

So I tried two things on this mp3 file:

The first thing I tried was using audacity’s built-in click-removal. I first Normalized the audio, then ran click-removal with the parameters 110, 40.

The second thing I tried was using Paul’s De-clicker nyquist program with the built-in parameters. See: Updated De-Clicker and new De-esser for speech
However, be warned: This plug-in doesn’t like long files.

I had similar results each way. You can also try combining the effects or working with the parameters. Good Luck. :smiley:

Are you sure those aren’t digital capture errors? Can you listen to the actual player with headphones?


ya. I listened w/ headphones. :frowning: the cassette tape is very old.