Music remixed with virtual dj,saved files are different.

Hello, can somebody please help me?

I remixed 2 albums , I gave them the name The world is awakening and Saturday morning. I can send them with one drive to a email adress from somebody. I have uploaded them.
I just know that night that I was remixing was it a totally different of genre music,I don’t know why this happened. Somebody?
greets maaike

Sorry but I don’t understand your question.
Also, this part of the forum is about “compiling Audacity” (building Audacity from the source code).
Also you have not told us what operating system you are using, or which version of Audacity.
Also, you have not told us how to reproduce the problem.

Excuses I never have write in a forum before.
My operating system is windows 8 at the moment,When I played the mixes I had windows XP.
And the problem is that the MPEG Layer 3 - audio that I mixed is a completely different genre.
I mixed Hardcore (Masters of Hardcore top 100) and I recieved in my saved file not hardcore but Club music,I really don’t understand how that is happened and I thought that Audacity after long time surfing on the web could help me…
Can I send one of the two files or perhaps both to your email adress? maybe you see I hope really a solutuion.
Greets Maaike[

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Do you mean the “Genre” tag in the metadata (1d3 tags)?
If so the best way to change that is to use a tag editor (such as MP3tag: If you only want to change the id3 tags, it is better to use a specialist tag editor app rather than Audacity because Audacity needs to decode the MP3 files before it can change them, and then re-encode them which losses some sound quality. Specialist tag editors can edit the metadata without decoding the audio, so no loss of sound quality.

For new mixes you can set the Genre using Audacity’s Metadata Editor before you export the file (