Music Mix

I have about 2000 WAV files





In this wave files recorded my voice. There are all my conclusions of things I want to remember and study by heart.
Every wave file is about 10 -15 seconds long.

I also have some longer WAV oder MP3 Music loops
About 10-15 minus


When I am on the way I would listen to my study records.
But not only the “boring” voice I want to add it with background chill out music.

Therefore I want to create a music mix

For example I want to create this music mix

I will take voicerecord 001.wav till voicerecord500.wav and during this 500 voicerecords are played there should be simultaniusly played backgroundmusik1.wavtill backgroundmusik20.wav

The backgroundmusik should have to sound level of 30-40 %. The main purpose it to learn the content, therefore my voice has to be louder then the music.
So my voice should be played with a volume around 60% 70%

How can I realize that in audacity?

For example when I try to import 500 audio records audacity is importing all wav files to a operate tonesure

This is not good because all files are played at the same time.

I can not move the files in audacity. Because of 500-2000 tiny voice files this lasts to long to move them all to the right position.

There should be only 2 tonsures.
One for the voice records and the second for the background music

Is audacity not the right software for my needs.
Simplified. I want to listen to my voice records with background music (the background music should be less sound as the speech)

I need a software which makes it possible to mix plenty of tiny voice records files to one big file and then add a second tonsure for the background music

Please can you give my advise how I can realize that.
Thank you

I think that using Audacity is the least of your problems. 2000 files of 10 to 15 seconds each comes to between 5 hours 33 minutes and 8 hours 20 minutes. If we assume that most of them are closer to 10 seconds. how long do you think it will take you to remember 6+ hours of speech off by heart?

There’s a tutorial here for making voice+music mixes:
The way I would do it (if being well paid to do such a time consuming and tedious job) would be:
Import say 20 files at a time, then use “Tracks > Align > Align End to End”, then export so that you have a file of about 4 minutes duration. Repeat for the the other 1980 files so that you have about 100 files of about 4 minutes each. Then make a voice + music mix for each of the 4 minute voice files.

Perhaps best to just make one 4 minute track and learn that. Then when you have committed that to memory, make another.

Thank you for your advise.
I will thing about it.
I will do different version.
Cutting it in 5-10 Minutes chapters is certainly a good idea.

Thank you for the tutorial

Align Tracks End to End is a useful function. Not I can play all the play vocabularies in a row :slight_smile:

It there a possibilities to allign tracks End to End but between the words add 2 seconds of pause.

Because I noticed that if the vocabularies are aligned without one or two or 3 seconds of pause it is to fast to learn.

Thank you in advance for your advise

You can either:
Use the Time Shift tool to adjust the positions
Use this “Trim extend” effect to add a bit of silence to end of each clip:
Instructions for downloading and installing:
and then align the clips end to end.

Thank your for the answer.

I don’t understand it.

What I did now for example was importing 400 voice records (vocabularies)

So I have 400 sound tunes.

Then I was like written above in the first answer Using TRACKS → Align Tracks → End to End

Then I inserted a new sound file for the background music and set the volume to Gains -30db.
The the vocabulary volume both the other 400 voice tracks I did not changes. It is Gain 0 DB

Not I can play the vocabulary afterwards with background sound.
So all I wel :slight_smile:
The only problem is now that the 400 vocabularies are played afterwards without a pause of 2 seconds.

With the time shift function I can create an artificial pause.
So that is what I need.

I know to use time shift for 2 -3 soundtunes.
But for 400 sound tunes this takes too much time.

In total I have 2000 vocabularies :slight_smile:

Like TRACKS → Align Tracks → End to End
and all the work was done in 2-3 seconds and the word are playing now in a row.

Could you please explain me how I can automize the time shift tool?
Thank you in advance.

With Align End to End I could now order the vocabulary into the right order.
All is well besides if I play them then there will be no pause.

Does not matter if I try to create a silence before the Align end to end or afterward I an not able to create the pause in the right way.
There are also more option with pause. (samples etc) maybe I have chosen the wring one.

Please could you explain to me how to enter a pause of 2 seconds at multiple tonsures and then align them end to end.
Thank you in advance for you dedicated time and help

I don’t think that I can help you further. I can’t think of any simple and quick way to compile 8 hours of audio clips into voice and music productions in the way that you require.

Thank your for your advise.

I would be happy if I know now how to insert the pause of 2 seconds to all my files.
But sadly this does not work :frowning:

I have imported lots of voice record files in severals tonesures.

I aligned them end to end

Please see the picture

So far wall is well. The imported voices records play in the right oder.

I want to create a pause between 2-3 seconds.

I already tried different methods but sadly I don’t know how to add a pause our silence of 2-3 seconds between de audio records

Please can you help me

It should be automatically because manually it is too much. There are at least 400 imported files in between the pause should be.

Thank you in advance for your explanation how I can do this.

So do you want to hear First Phrase, 2 seconds silence, Second Phrase, 2 seconds silence, Third Phrase… ?

I would do it by downloading the Trim Extend plugin Right-click the View/Download link for Trim/Extend on that page and save the file. See here for how to install the plugin:

Close the project that contains your imported files.

Add the Trim Extend effect to a Chain and apply the Chain to your files:

Then each file will have the silence you specified in Trim Extend added to the start of the file. The new files will be in the “Cleaned” folder in the folder where the original files are.

If you want to play these new files in Audacity, import them and align them end-to-end like you did before.


You could “batch process” them (see:
and apply the “Trim extend” effect in the chain (see:

"So do you want to hear First Phrase, 2 seconds silence, Second Phrase, 2 seconds silence, Third Phrase… ? "

YES Thank you

In between I found a solution

  1. Import all for example 1000 VOICE files
  2. Mark all tonsures ( OSX CMD+A?).
  3. TRANSPORT "Skip to Start "
  4. GENERATE Silence for example 2 seconds.
  5. TRACKS Allign tracks End to End
  6. Insert Background music
    5.1 Import MP3 Background music files in Audacity per Drag n Drop
    5.2 Reduce Silince gain to -28 DB (Voice Records should be louder)
    5.3 Mark background Music, then copy n paste background sound till end of voice record time (for long files this can be 10 times)
    6 Tracks → Mix und Render
  7. Export Audio als MP3

    What is the advantage of installing some plugins?
    Thank you in advance

From your description I thought you wanted to insert silence at the start of all the original files, automatically. The method I wrote would do that, rather than having to paste repeatedly. It would not add fairly loud room noise, though by default the export would add extremely quiet dither noise.

As you now say you wanted only one file as the result, you would then with my suggestion have to import all the new files, align them, then export as one file.


Topic merged with original question.
Please avoid repeating the same question in multiple places. Doing so wastes time and causes confusion. Thanks.

Yes you are right. That was my initial question therefore I asked for a new topic.

I am also looking for a second solution how to add silence to the voice files.
Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

My main problem is describes in another ahead and I am looking for more solutions.
I have plenty of files and I want to find the best solution :slight_smile:
After I have imported the silence in the sound files I will mix them with background music. That is my second task.

Sorry for the confusion…