Music Isn't Showing Up

I just got Audacity, and when ever I try to import music, it doesn’t show up on the panel. Can anyone help me? I have a MacBook Pro with 10.10.2

when ever I try to import music

From where? iTunes? If you paid the higher rate in iTunes, then you should be able to drag the song onto the desktop and then on to Audacity. If you paid $0.99, it may have copy protection. Does your MacBook Pro have an optical drive?


If you have Audacity 2.1.0 and these files are MP4, M4A, MOV or ALAC, they won’t show up as waveforms unless you also install the optional FFmpeg library. Please see Audacity 2.1.0: FFmpeg required for MP4/M4A/MOV/ALAC import for how to install FFmpeg.

This is already fixed, so the next 2.1.1 release of Audacity should not have this problem.