music editing

I’m new in Audacity Land. I want to do something simple: Fading out a song track. When trying, I meet (at least) two problems. (1) The song is played back in a fraction of a second, at least I think that that is what is happening. So, listening to the song is not possible. (2) (perhaps this is the same problem?) I get the message that Audacity only accepts files of .xyz type. My files are from the .wma (Windows Media Player) type. The on-line manual, that I tried to use, is not helpful in this case, and is too high brow anyway for me as sound-freshman. What to do? How to proceed?

<<<(1) The song is played back in a fraction of a second>>>

That’s what happens when you import a song that Audacity doesn’t recognize. You need to convert the song to WAV or MP3 in an outside software package. Audacity has no idea what Windows Media is. Your Google search is WMA to WAV converter.

Actually, you can search here. I think this forum has covered this before. Try in one of the Windows forums.