Music Composing and Recording Workbench

Perhaps this post isn’t in the right place, but I saw the “Interfacing with other software” subtitle on this part of the forum, so here I go:

I’d like to create a fully integrated “musical workbench” where I can do the following:

  • Compose music by entering melodies (individual musical parts using traditional clef-based musical notation), chords and percussion tracks;
  • Type lyrics into the music for the sake of creating complete, legible and printable sheet music;
  • Play back the music through MIDI and possibly voice synthesizer;
  • Replace each computer-generated track one at a time with recorded tracks in Audacity; and
  • Play back the live tracks along with the computer generated ones and create MP3s at any point in that process

Audacity MIDI support is almost, but not quite, zero. I think the latest Audacity knows there is MIDI and recognizes it, but not much more.

You are describing a full-on MIDI and music production workstation.


Actually latest Audacity(s) can happily play MIDI tracks - and limited editing of MIDI tracks (just cut&paste and dlete) is available - but that’s all.