Music bed

Hello all,

I’m a newbie and am looking for resources / links about creating a music bed. The one I made is very clunky going in and out of the podcast… so I’m obviously not guessing right.



What is a “music bed”?

A “music bed” is a piece of background music that you can talk over.


How clunky is it?

I get this fuzzy idea that you’re trying to do live podcasting using Audacity as the production tool? Audacity have never been a real-time production tool in spite of billions of people trying to use it like that.

There is a technique called Auto Ducking where the music bed gets quieter while you’re talking. Is that what you’re looking for? That can lead to pumping and other sound distortions if you do it wrong. It also depends a great deal on you doing the show in a dead quiet room. Most podcasting producers don’t meet that requirement.

I don’t know of a ducking tool or plugin.