Music and voices recorded, can it be separated?


I recorded a conversation i had with my brother(nothing special but i don’t see him often),we had the music playing and i didn’t realise just how loud the music would be compared to the conversation we had. is there a way to remove the music so we can just hear our voices? would be nice to send him a few clips that would make him laugh.

I’ve tried the noise reduction but to seems to remove the voices too, i guess im looking for a way to select a section of the voices to keep and remove the rest, something that will keep that tone/sound of voices. if that makes any sense.
Is this possible or only made up on the Crime tv programmes :unamused:

many thanks in advance.

:frowning: Sometimes you can make a slight improvement, but yes the stuff you see on TV and in movies is science fiction. Often the human brain is the best filter.

If you can listen carefully and understand what’s being said, a written transcript (or subtitles if there is video) can be a good solution. (But reading something is probably less-likely to make him laugh.)

Sometimes, filtering out the deep bass (with the Equalizer effect) can help because the deep bass is only “noise”. Boosting the higher frequencies will bring-out the “T” and “S” sounds, but it will also bring-out high frequency noise. In general you can just “play with” the equalizer to see what helps. There is a lot of frequency-overlap with most real-world sounds so it’s hard to say if this will help at all. (I recommend the Graphic EQ, and then “preview” for experimenting.)

…Noise reduction works best when you have a constant low-level background noise (like tape hiss) and it can work very well when there is a very-tiny background noise… When you don’t really need it.

Don’t bother with Vocal Reduction and Isolation because they rely on vocals being in the center of a stereo recording. (And, even with regular music recordings there are other things in the center so it works imperfectly.)

Thank you for your reply, i thought i might be hitting a bit high. i’ll have a little play with the EQ and see what i can do.

Does anyone know a professional company that would be able to separate voices from any audio file. No matter how bad the distortion is? Even at a cost?