Multivoice Chorus Plug in SETTINGS?!!!

I just downloaded this plug in but i have no clue what settings to use…HELP please…give me your opinions on this :smiley:

You downloaded it from where?
Were there any instructions with it?
Did it come with a “ReadMe” file?

Why do you want a Multivoice Chorus plug-in? What effect are you trying to achieve?
Have you used a multi-voice chorus effect before? Do you know what it is supposed to do?

What’s wrong with the default settings?

i downloaded it from
There were no instructions with it.
It did not come with a “readme” file.

I wanted the multivoice plug in so i could add multiply voices to my singing.
Heres an example of the effect im trying to achieve:
Actually thats the same exact song Im trying to record. I want the chorus with my voice like it sounds in the second verse you hear and the during the chorus.

I have never used multi-voice chorus effect before. And i do know what im supposed to do.
Im just not sure what settings i should use to get a certain sound. But i know where the effects are located and how to add them and everything. just asking for recommended settings people. :]

The example clarify the question a lot - that isn’t a “chorus effect” (although I agree that is what one might reasonable expect a chorus effect to do).

The effect in that song is achieved by recording several tracks of vocals and adding some “reverb”, then the lead vocal is recorded on yet another track with less reverb and a more “up front” sound.

“Reverb” (short for “reverberation”) can be achieved using the G-Verb effect - more information about G-Verb and how to use it here:
The front vocal is using a relatively short “tail”, whereas the voices making up the “chorus” have a lot longer reverb time.

In comparison, an explanation and examples of a “chorus” effect can be found here: