Multitrax Track 01 recording into trax 02 Not wanted

When I try record track 02 while listening to prev. recorded 01, track 02 records track 01 as well.

I’ve tried several digital software but all do same.

I’m sure many have had same problem?

How to overcome this “Glitch”?

Set Audacity to record from the actual input that you want to record from (in the device toolbar) and not “Stereo Mix” or “Sound Mapper”.

…and use headphones if it isn’t obvious already.


I have same frustrating issue; previously recorded track cannot be heard without also being recorded (Overdub checked is only way to hear the playback…Playthrough acts like it wants external input: mic/line in, etc);

“Set Audacity to record from the actual input that you want to record from (in the device toolbar) and not “Stereo Mix” or “Sound Mapper”.”

AUDACITY’s output (track previously recorded) is the actual input I want to listen to and play along with (my Zoom multitrack plays back any ‘enabled’ previously recorded tracks without recording them onto the track being recorded…unless recording the master track)

windows7 btw…Thanks!

“Overdub” must be ON (selected).
“Software Playthrough” must be OFF (not selected).
Is that how you have it?

Is that how you have it?

I’ve tried varied settings with the following results:

If I check overdub ON (software playthrough OFF), I can hear the recorded track (ie drums) I’d like to monitor/play along to, but it gets recorded along with the instrument input (ie bass) I’m recording … new track then has bass and drums;

With software playthrough OFF and overdub OFF, no playback audio is heard, just input (ie bass) being recorded;

Software playthrough ON generates an echo of the input audio (ie bass); with both playthrough ON and overdub ON, both the input (bass) and playback (drums) echo into an infinite loop.

Thanks for assist, RSD

and my second question?

I ran into this once. Make sure the computer is not applying “Cathedral Sound,” “Cave Echo” or other special effects to the playback sound.

That sounds like you are recording stereo mix. Open Device Toolbar and set the input device or recording device to whatever device you are singing or playing into. If it’s a mic attached to the computer, set the input device to the external mic. If it’s a mic attached to an interface or mixer, set the input device to the interface or mixer.

If you are using a mixer to listen to the backing track, the mixer must be configured not to send the Audacity playback back to Audacity to be recorded. If you are connecting the mixer to line-in of the computer, connect from the “CD/Tape out” , “Main output”, “AUX” or “Alt 3/4” of the mixer (not the control room output).

And if it is not obvious, wear headphones so that the mic can’t hear the backing track.

If that does not help, please tell us exactly what you are recording over the backing track and with what equipment you are doing that (give make and model numbers).