Multitracking probs


Wondering if anyone could help me out…

When i record my 1st initial track, say drums, there is no problem. But then when i record my 2nd track, the 1st track will record onto the new one !
I record through the mic input.
No matter what scenarios i use…i.e, mono/stereo/etc, it never fails to record itself over and over. I previously recorded multitrack, no probs for a long time. Now its all over the place. Help! I assume this is called ‘bleeding through’?

I have tried old stable versions, new beta, and clicked/unclicked all sorts of settings in the preferences.

I have reinstalled my sound card twice now. Can anyone help me set this piece of crap acer aspire 3680/realtek audio driver up? lol
Please, any info will be really helpful. Anything short of going and spending big bucks on a off the shelf program will be awesome.


I’m having the exact same issue. I was very disappointed to see no one has a solution yet. :frowning:

I’m guessing you guys are using Windows.
Open the Windows Mixer (loudspeaker icon near the system clock).
Go to the “Recording” section
Change the recording input from “Mix” to “Mic” (if you are using the Mic input, or “Line” if you are using the Line input).