multitracking failed

Audacity 3-2-1 Windows 10 Lenovo ideapad y700 Connecting the alesis multimix 4 to audacity inserted in the usb socket of the pc and setting audacity playback and recording exclusively to the mixer which obviously also acts as an external sound card, activating the multi-track recording, from the second recording onwards instead of recording only the new one audio, also record the audio of the previous track! Of course if I mute the previous tracks this does not happen, but it is also certain that I have to hear the previous tracks to “multi track” right? I can’t get out of it! Thanks for your patient attention and have a nice day.

Yes - on this “mixer’s EXT/USB to Main” button, it looks like it routes the output from the computer right back to the main output channel which feeds back to the computer’s input. I don’t know what it does if you don’t have it depressed - the documentation is very inadequate in this area. Try another mixer?


In Audacity’s Audio Setup, try setting your Playback Device to your headphones, and plug them in to the computer. :smiley: