OK my piano playing is not brilliant, but I could prob do some Beatle song

Next Id want to lay down a guitar over that

Finally put vocals over the top.

Can audacity help ?

For eg Id need to listen to the piano track on headphones and then play
guitar into audacity … is that going to be possible ?

see this set of Tutorials in the Manual and the Wiki:


Overdubbing is a normal tool in Audacity, but hearing yourself while you play is not so normal. That’s a very difficult trick for generic computers to pull off. I reviewed three hardware choices that do let you listen to the mix, but you have to listen to the device, not the computer.

Some sound mixers will do this trick, too.

If you’re good with playing blind into the overdub mix, then you’re good to go. You can layer as many tracks as you want and all the old tracks will play at once (if you want them to).


A basic sound mixer prob does nt cost that much these days

But prob something like 200 or so ? maybe cheaper 2 nd hand .

But I should get down to it… read the tutorial and see if I can get something done with audacity

the trick is to hear your first track in the headphones while at the same time laying down a vocal or a guitar over it
… it must be doable !

Cables in from the keyboard will prob give a better sound… dont have elec guitar at moment just acoustic.

got guitar amp though !

The problem as I was writing the original Overdubbing is getting the manufacturers to admit their equipment can do the live versus track playback mix for your headphones. I’ve talked to suppliers and got a blank look; they didn’t really know what I was talking about.

Only USB mixers can do this trick. It’s going through the computer analog digitizers and un-digitizers that causes the delay and echo problems. USB mixers don’t need that.

Many mixers have microphone and guitar inputs and you can do live mixes depending on how “wide” your mixer is. Mine will handle four XLR microphones and six guitars or keyboards.

My keyboard does not have stereo out, so I use adapter cables and the headphone connection.