Multitrack via USB (no overdub)

Hi, I need to register with audacity in multitrack, but not in overdub.
I need to register at the same time, together, more tracks while playing.
Can I do that with an USB mixer? (I.E. behringer or another brand)
I need it to make pre-production for my songs.
I do not need HQ, super low latency, supreme listening.
I need just to adjust afterwards every single track (like voice, drum, bass, guitars and so on) to make some little correction like tuning, timing and so on.

Some help?
There is some tutorial for multitracking recording (no overbudb) with audacity?
I’m italian, so if someone know some italian tutorial it sould be wonderful.

Thanks in advance

Assuming you are still on Windows, I moved your topic to the Windows board. Please tell us what version of Windows and what version of Audacity (Help > About Audacity… ).

To keep it simple, generally you can’t record more than stereo (two channels) into Audacity on Windows unless you recompile Audacity with support for ASIO. A very few recording devices might record more than stereo into non-ASIO Audacity if you choose Windows WASAPI host in Device Toolbar.

The easier solution is to buy DAW multi-track software that supports ASIO, like REAPER.

Most USB mixers mix down to stereo and don’t let you record more than two channels at once.

What recording equipment do you already have?

I understand when you say “register” that you mean “record”. Recording while playing other tracks in Audacity is overdubbing. Is that what you want to do? If you are willing to overdub against previously recorded tracks, which even professionals do, then you don’t absolutely need to record more than two channels at once. Just record the first two tracks then the next two and so on.


As Gale says, most USB mixers will only give you 2-channel stereo. You need a multi-channel [u]audio interface[/u]. And a [u]DAW application[/u]. (The interface will often come with software.)

Actually the Tascam 16x08 Doug links to is one of the few devices that has been reported to record more than stereo into Audacity as shipped without ASIO (provided you choose the Windows WASAPI host in Audacity’s Device Toolbar). That report was for Windows 10.