Multitrack Timing Problem

I’m a guitarist, and when I record two or more guitar tracks, the further down the track it gets, the 2nd track slows down.

It’s strange, I’ve tested it many times, and it’s not me, I have other hardware solutions and they’re fine.

So yeah, 2 tracks, and the second track seems to slow down a little compared to the 1st track causing notes in the first track to go before the notes in the 2nd track.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks a heap.


You’ve got a clocking problem. The most likely source is your soundcard.

As a quick fix, try recording at 48KHz (change the value in the bottom left corner of Audacity’s main window). If this fixes the problem then your hardware is having trouble running at slower clock speeds. Is it a nice soundcard, or was the default that came with your computer? I hope a nice card wouldn’t do this, but it’s possible.

The annoying thing about recording to 48KHz is that you’ll have to convert the audio back to 44.1KHz in order to burn it to CD. r8brain is free Windows software that will do this for you, but it’s better to be able to make clean recordings at 44.1KHz.

If you want better hardware, ask at the Recording Equipment forum, you’ll get some good advice there.