Multitrack Show Template

I’ve finally finished my Podcastproduction and I’m happy to say: I’m using Audacity.

S[o for our podcast we use 5 tracks:

  • Intro music Track

  • Intro Voice Over Track

  • Actual Podcast

  • Outro music Track

  • Outro Voice Over Track

I’d like to create a template of sorts that just requires me to drop in the Podcast Recording, and that would put it at the right spot (e.g. somewhere during the fade-out of the Intro Music Track). Also I’d like the Outro Music track to start automatically quite near the end of the Podcast Episode.

How can I automate this as much as possible, while leaving some room for listening and small timing adjustments when throwing in the recording?

You could create an Audacity project that contains all the parts of your Podcast that are the same for each show.
When you add the unique bits to it, ensure that you “Save As…” to give it a new name without overwriting your “template” project.