Multitrack SETLIST feature wanted


I am currently using audacity to edit multitrack files that I had bought via “Karaoke Version”. I am panning the click to the left, track to the right, and erasing start off count-ins from the beginnings of music tracks… sometimes also splicing out sections or transposing all tracks.

I have quite a large collection of files which I use to make three different mixes… A stereo mix for a one man band, a mix minus drums and a mix minus drums and bass guitar, then saving them out as stereo files currently. I am creating files that end up being used for three different band configurations live and at the moment playing them in the “Onsong” app. Rather than doing all this work ahead of time, I’d rather just mute a certain instrument as needed as I pull up the multitrack audacity song.

The FEATURE that I am asking for is basically to be able to load a lot of songs into a playlist… But the songs being the multitrack files that audacity is already capable of loading. I just wish to be able to very quickly arrange a large number and click on the appropriate song file to play back rather than have to file / open / search each song as I would be playing it live. There is not enough time to do that for every song.

Any likelihood of making this a feature? Thanks.

Something like this?

I checked out that link, but I am not sure what it is… Is there something there function-wise referring to the program to save as some kind of setlist file?

You can make a "LOF"file using a plain text editor (such as Windows “NotePad”).
When you open a valid LOF file, Audacity imports the files that are listed in the LOF file. The files are loaded into Audacity so that they appear as tracks, one below the other.

Thanks for the answer. So I guess it is possible, but that far too confusing for me to use. I’ll just have to hope that eventually some drag n drop style cue list or something is created.

It’s only a list of the files with the word “file” at the start of each line.

Perhaps a simple example might help:
If you have two files in C:\Users\Klar\Music
and if one is called “drums.wav” and the other is called “guitar.wav”
and you want both files to be loaded, both starting at the start of the project (time = 0.0)
then all you need in the LOF file is:

file "C:\Users\Klar\Music\drums.wav"
file "C:\Users\Klar\Music\guitar.wav"