multitrack recording stop after 1:50 minutes

i’m having a trouble:

i’m running audacity 1.3.12 (beta) on ubuntu 10.04 realtime pae,
i’ve set latency for my zoom h4n to record in multitrack with audacity,

i generate a click track 90bpm 4 bit 160 measure,(7 minutes aprox)
when i play the bass plugged into the zoom (connected via usb to my pc)
i listen the click, recording the bass all works fine but usually at 1:50 minutes
the recording stop, i can only click the stop button at this point and listen my recording,
latency is setted good and the bass is inline with click,
but i cannot understand why recording freeze at 1:50minute (i have 96hours of free space on hard drive)
some suggest?

We can’t help you with 1.3.12 because it’s obsolete (please see the pink panel at the top of the page). Ubuntu 10.04 is also unsupported by Canonical if it’s the Desktop version.

Download the latest Ubuntu release then you can get a later Audacity version from their repository.

The problem is probably the USB connection. Don’t use a USB hub - just plug into an empty USB hub.

Turn Transport > Software Playthrough off. Can you monitor in the H4n?

Turn all other programs you can off.

H4n records four channels without connecting it to a computer.


Ok thanks, sorry
I’ll see if I can
by itself resolve the problem,…
usb direct on machine
i’ve read many pages of audacity wiki, i do not use playtrough
yes h4n can be monitored
turn all the programs off i will be try to stop many services :wink: thanks
my h4n can’t record as multitrack, is damaged the sd card slot, i can use only with computer (notebook celeron 1,8Ghz 2 gb ram)
i cannot install a new version of ubuntu, it’s a long story but for my laptop don’t have sense for hardware issue incompatibility(video card SIS mirage).

today i want to make a test to view if the problem is the same using only the system board microphone