Multitrack recording and my problem.

Trying to do some recording with multiple instruments. Using a Behringer Q802USB as an interface. I lay down one track. I go to add another track. So as to play along, I need to hear it. It then bleeds into the next track. Is there something I’m missing? A setting? Tried everything. Not working.

You need to work out how / where the output is getting into the input (for example, if you play through speakers and record with a mic, then the output from the speakers will spill over into the mic).

This section of the manual may help:

So one way to do this is select your headphones as Audacity’s output device. Then there should be no bleeding.

If you send the output back to your Behringer, be sure to push the “USB/2-TR TO PHONES/CTRL RM” button. Otherwise, you mixer will mix it back into your recording.

Regardless, be sure to read steve’s section on overdubbing…

I hope this helps. :smiley: