Multitrack export last track distortion

I’m not sure, whether I found a bug or I do something wrong…

Sometimes, when I export a multitrack recording (OGG) the last track loses quality. It does not happen all the time. But when it happens, the last track sounds like beeing cut with a “lowpass filter”.

As a workaround I now add to each recording a “silent” last track before saving the OGG-file. The other tracks are never affected by this behavior.

Did anybody else already observe something like that? Can I prevent it? This happens on V 2.3.1. I now updated to 2.3.3 and will report if the behaviour is still there too.

I don’t have 2.3.1, so please post an update when you have tested with 2.3.3.

Yes behavior is still there in V2.3.3

What is the recording? Where did it come from?

The recording source is a 24bit 48kHz recording from PRESONUS Capture. Sometimes a AUDACITY recording track from other band members on other computers. Once imported the tracks sounds perfect. I also can open the Multitrack-OGG several times - nothing changes.

Such tracks on position 1 to n-1 are never affected. You can export and import them as often as you want. Only sometimes the last track sounds like being lowpass-filtered, sometimes it sounds only quieter (see attachment) . It looks like it always happens with our (recorded) “metronom” track. It happens during exporting. I know this, because I can open such a corrupted file on different machines and the bad result of the last track is the same.

It does not happen always. I did not find out, why and when it happens. But when I do this steps, I have a high probalilty to get the behavoir:

  1. Import a OGG-file (quality=10) with more than 5 tracks
  2. Import a new track. The track is at the bottom
  3. Mark some music in the new track
  4. Create “silence” (CNTR+L) in the selection
  5. Move the track to a higher position on screen
  6. Move the METRONOM track to the bottom
  7. Export all as Multitrack OGG-file (quality=10)
  8. Open this file again. The last track has changed.

The attachment show two tracks: The original track and the same track after Export.

Do you mean “multi-channel” OGG files, rather than “multi-track”?
Do you mean that in step 1, you are importing one OGG file that has more than 5 audio channels? If so, where did that file come from? Is is a “5.1 surround sound” file? Where did you get that file?

5.1 = front left, front right, center, rear left, rear right, LFE (low frequency effects) 5.1 surround sound - Wikipedia

sorry for my english. Of course we are talking about “multi-channel”. And the channels belong to a big-band recording project. Each mono channel is recorded by a musician and contains his instrument. In total we will have 16 channels per song. At the end we will master it to a normal STEREO-MP3.

Each recording project starts with 5 basic MONO channels: DRUMS, METRONOM, PIANO, GUITAR, BASS made on a PRESONUS digital mixer, recorded with PRESONUS CAPTURE on an MAC. For transporting purposes we transform this into a multichannel-OGG-file: Import the channels into a new track on Windows AUDACITY, export it as OGG-File, send it to our server ,where the other musicians can download it. They record (add) their instrument in another channel on (Windows) AUDACITY and send back a track, which contains only the new single MONO-channel. Day by day we import the returning channels (in AUDACITY) to the main project and export again the complete OGG-file and update it on the server. At the end we will have 16 mono-channels and we will start the mastering.

So it has nothing to do with 5.1 or surround sound.

I am not able to reproduce the problem. If you can give exact steps to reproduce the problem, then I’ll try again to reproduce the issue.