Multitrack Electronic Drums Recording

Hi, I am having a nightmare! I have an M-Audio Eight (multitrack interface). I want to connect it to the kit, obviously. So far, I have connected all 8 lines from the kit to 8 separate tracks on the desk ‘Line’ sockets (Allen & Heath Zed 22FX), as per a diagram sent to me by Allen & Heath. Then, as in the diagram, I have connected each track from the ‘insert’ sockets to the multitrack interface. Then, I have connected the interface to my PC via a USB cable. I downloaded the latest drivers for my interface device from the M-Audio website. I open Audacity and I can see the device under the ‘Recording Device’ tab, I select it. However, when I click on the ‘Recoring Channels’ tab, all I get is ‘Mono channel’ and ‘Stereo channel’ and not the 8 channels drop down I would love to see! I am running Windows 10 with Audacity 2.3.3
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A couple of potential issues -

What drum kit do you have? …would be rather unusual to have 8 analog outputs. But if you are you getting an “good mix” from the mixer’s analog/headphone outputs, then I’m wrong. (Your mixer has a USB port so should be able to record the stereo mix.)

There is some information in the Audacity manual [u]Multi-channel Recording[/u] but from what I see here on the forum, not too many people are successful.

Realistically, if you want to record & multitrack-mix (or work with MIDI) I’d recommend you step-up to a [u]DAW[/u].

Thanks Doug, it’s a Roland electronic kit with its own ‘brain’ panel. I thought Audacity WAS a DAW!