Multitasking in multiple windows

Is there a way to use another window (instance) of Audacity while another one is doing something (importing/exporting files, applying effects, etc)? Whenever I do this, the rest of opened Audacity windows become unusable.


Not without a second computer (or using virtual machines, if your hardware is capable enough).

Thanks for the reply, I am using that setup currently, but I would want to do more tasks together and I cannot run/install more than 2 VMs separately

I hope Audacity will support multitasking in a future.

Sounds like I should count that as a vote on our feature tracking system.

Audacity would have to be much more threaded than it is now, and that is hard work.

Note that if you import WAV or AIFF using On-Demand Loading (which is separately threaded) then not only can you start working on the imported audio much quicker but while importing you can operate fully in another project window (edit, play, record, export).