multiple tracks problem

I’m new to using audacity. I have recorded an album, labeled the individual songs, and did the export multiple. Everything seemed to work, but when I pull up the album the first song isn’t there. I transfered it to Media Player, and all of the other songs are ok. I noticed that the properties for this shows a size of only 44 bytes, while the other songs have a size of, say, 73.0 MB.

Any idea what happened?

Thanks in advance.

You have created a label for the first track right at the beginning of the project?


Label at the first track - Yes I have.

In which case it should work - odd!

Workaround - select the first track and try Export Selection.


Thanks for the idea. I’ll give it a try.

Now that’s weird. The export selection worked. Any idea why it didn’t work as export multiple?

None at all, sorry … but glad it worked