Multiple time-limited recordings


Is it possible to record the audio which will be automatically divided to 30 min parts? Idea is when recording starts after 30 min. the recording is continued but the new file is created every 30 min.
How this feature can be configured in Audacity?

What are you recording? Audacity doesn’t make a very good surveillance recorder and it’s not stable enough to do sound quality control.



This feature will be used for recording of the witness statements in the court. The whole process takes 3-4 hours, but it’s needed to have 30 min. files which can be forwarded to the typing lady to prepare the written report.
I know that there is one old audio recording software, which can do that but I forgot the name.
This can be done in Audacity manually of course, but I need the software to create new recording fine every 30 min. I don’t need scheduled recording, just limited to 30 min. recordings.
Can this be created with some Macro maybe?

That is not possible with Audacity.
Audacity has to stop recording to save or export, then the project must be closed and a new project created. All of that takes time and Audacity cannot be recording while it is doing it.

I would have expected that courts would have a list of approved software that can be used.