Multiple silences in song WONT GO!

I have been catouloging my old mini disk collection on audacity and some of the songs are corrupted and stop and start several times in a song like a hundred gaps…obviously I could do it manually in this life time but audacity being the amazing program it is offers me the truncate silence feature which unfortunatly only shortens the gaps? I have been desperatly seeking a solution to remove the silences and create a seamless track and revive my songs to there former glory…but I can’t seem to find a solution…I am relativly new…extremly new to this amazing program…Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way? Am I missing something? Am I even making any sense? Is anybody even out their? :confused:

Are you sure you can take out the little gaps manually? Did you try on one or two? It’s not obvious that you can do that. It’s possible data error on the disks is dropping musical notes. If it is, then no amount of Truncate Silence is going to help. The notes just aren’t there any more.