Multiple 'silence' editing

Hi all. As an actor, I use sound recordings to learn lines. For my latest production, we had a recorded read-through of the play. I have now received good-quality mp3 files, scene by scene. I would like to ‘silence’ the words that I spoke, in order to leave a gap the correct length so that when I play back, I can begin to insert my words. I get that I can laboriously go through the track and mark each of ‘my’ bits and then silence, one at a time. However I have literally hundreds of lines and this would take ages.
Is there any way I can play the track, marking the start and finish of ‘my’ lines as it plays, and then apply a single ‘silence between the markers’ edit?
Hope this makes sense! - thanks.

Sorry Audacity 2.3.0 - and W8. :wink:

Adding markers while playing is easy.
“Ctrl + M”, then “Enter”.

That’s possible to do with a “Nyquist Macro”, but not easy. You would need to write a Nyquist Macro that reads the labels, works out which are the start and end points, and silences the appropriate bits. There’s some info here:

It would be easier to use the labels as a guide for manually silencing the sections. The keyboard shortcut for silencing selected audio is “Ctrl + L”.