Multiple sessions

I am not sure what I am asking is even a “Feature” but more of a consequence of earlier versions of audio software.
I generally cover high school sports. I have been using “Adobe Audition 1.5” for over a decade.
This particular version does the one thing that later versions and audacity does not do at all.
That is multiple sessions.

That while I am covering an event I will have 5-10 windows of adobe audition open.
All recording from the same audio device (in this case a USB codec).

When something significant happens in the game, I will stop one session and edit the end to get the highlight that I want.
All the while the other instances of audition are still recording undisturbed.

As you might imagine, audition 1.5 does not play so nice with windows 10.

Is there a way that I can duplicate this workflow with Audacity? If not now, how difficult would it be to implement in a future version.

Thank you for your time.


Only one Audacity instance can record (or play) at one time. My guess is that it would be very difficult to change that.

What you can do is to make one recording and add labels (markers) whenever anything significant happens (Ctrl+M)

Ahhh That is a shame.
Typically “Highlights” need to be saved and sent off for playback during the next break (sometimes in as little as 5 minutes from when they happen in real time)

Thank you for your reply.


Add your markers (labels) in real-time (while recording), then as soon as you get to the break, “Export Multiple” based on labels. See:
(have a practice run at home before you need to do it for real)

Or use two (or more) computers.