Multiple segments to MP3


I recorded some cassette tape into audacity.
Now that I have one big track (per tape), I would like to select segments of that tape and export to MP3.
So, for example, if the entire track is 60 min. I would like to select the segments audio I want 1:00 - 4:30, 7:45 - 11:25, 17:30 - 25:33 and then export that selection into a single MP3.

Can anyone recommend best way to do this?
I have not been able to make multiple selections.

I tried to label the segments and then “export multiple” but that gives me multiple MP3 files and I just want one.

thank in advance.

If you make range labels for each of those three sections based on your timings and then use Export Multiple - Audacity will export just 3 MP3 files based on those range labels. The non-labelled sections will just be ignored by the export.

See this page in the Audacity Manual:

To create a range label, select the section of audio and press Ctrl+B

This is different when you use point labels with Export Multiple where the Export is based on the section from each point label to the next - Export Multiple gets complicated if you mix point and range labels.

Sorry I just re-read your post and saw that you want a single MP3 file not 3:
But if instead you want a single MP3 you would need to delete the audio that you do not require 0:00-1:00, 4:30-7:45 , 7:45-11:45 and 11:45-60:00 just leaving the three chunks you wish to be available for export as a single M3 and then just use Export As MP3. If necessary you can always restore the set of deleted sections with Undo several times.

Note carefully at the junctions between the sections you may get a click unless you smooth the transition with a fade with a cross fade - or you can use the Repair effect, see: