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This didn’t work. I don’t have anything but one word for the file name. Exporting as a WAV loses all of the clips and edits; a wave file is not a file you can do work in, you would have to import the file and start a whole new Audacity project. Your suggestion, from another forum, to up levels to discard in History deleted my entire previous project (and, of course, made it impossible to use ‘undo’). Just a suggestion: maybe warn people that what you are suggesting will delete stuff that can never be recalled. The suggestion to reboot makes no sense at all, because obviously, when I try to reboot it asks me if I want to save my project…which I do. And can’t. Any other ideas??

I started a new topic for you in the Mac board. The topic you joined was for Windows.

Where exactly are you trying to save your project? Do you have permission to save there? How much disk space do you have there?

What version of Audacity are you using? Please give us all three version numbers from Audacity > About Audacity… . The current release is 2.1.2 from I suggest you try 2.1.2 if you don’t have it. As I said, XML writing should be improved in 2.1.2 compared to some older versions.

Removing all undo levels prevents you undoing to previous stages, as it might suggest. The idea is to save disk space, if you are short of disk space.


I am trying to save onto my MacBook Air. I have tried saving on the Desktop, saving to the Audacity folder and creating a new folder to save to. I haven’t had any problems with permission when saving other files in the past, so I would guess this is not the issue (though I don’t know exactly). I am using 2.1.2. I have 12G of storage available, which I know is not a ton, but should definitely be enough to save one short project. I understand now what removing the undo levels accomplishes and how that could save some space. That would certainly be practical if it had not deleted all the audio material I had in that file- do you know why it did that? Did it remove both undos and actions in creating the file or something? It was weird because it still kept my envelope specifications, just not any of the audio material. Kind of a bummer! I’m wondering: is there a way that I could upload the audacity files (like would Google drive be able to save them) temporarily so that I can reboot the computer? Should I try saving to a thumb drive instead of the computer? Thanks for your response- look forward to figuring this issue out; let me know if I can provide any more information.

I tried saving to an empty usb stick. Got the same error message.

What is the error message?

Audacity can’t upload projects to the internet.

Are you running Audacity from the DMG? That can create problems.

Audacity does not open files. It imports audio data from them. Are you saying that when you deleted Undo Levels that the waves became flatlined? That indicates Audacity can’t read wherever the data is stored. Have you ever saved this as a project before your current attempt to save it?

If you still see blue waves you should export as WAV to begin with, even though it means rendering clips and envelope points.

Then try File > New…, then back in the original project, COMMAND + A to select all, Edit > Copy, then in the new project, Edit > Paste? Does that new project save?

You could trust in Audacity’s recovery. Use Force Quit in the Apple menu to force quit Audacity. Don’t reboot or you will lose the data. Just reopen Audacity. Recover. Can you save that?