Multiple microphones

Hello everyone:

I am about to start a podcast with a friend. We have one usb microphone each. Is there any possibility of recording each of the microphones on a different track?

Thanks in advance.

Are you in the same room? Unless you have good soundproofing, each microphone is going to pick up the other and give odd echos in the show, even if you do record on different tracks.

The easiest way to record separate tracks is on separate computers. Audacity will only record from one thing or device. Each USB microphone counts as one thing.

You both export WAV sound files and one computer sends theirs to the other. That’s the edit machine. Once you get everything on one machine, that’s when you add music and effects.

Many multi-point podcasters do a clap sync at the beginning to aid in lining up the front of the show. You both say: “One, Two Three”, and then clap at the same time. The clap sound is a lot easier to line up than trying to push words around. Use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to line up the front.

You can resolve the timing problems at the end with Effect > Change Speed.

The shift from one microphone to two is the point where home USB microphones stop being handy.


If you have a Mac, those can do “Aggregate Device” where they will record two USB microphones at once. You might still run into timing problems at the end, but if you keep the show short, that might be OK.


Thank you. You have helped me a lot