Multiple microphones

Audicity Team,
I have a question in regards to using multiple microphones.
I can get all three of my Blue Yeti microphones to record during the same recording, but I cannot hear what is being said on the other microphones through my headset which is connected to my Microphone. I can only hear my voice when recording through my headset. I am using VAC to use all three mcrophones at once. I have watched a billion Youtube videos but I cannot find a solution. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


I think this is a question for VAC support.
Audacity can only record from one device at a time and only play through one device at a time.

To me that doesn’t make sense. If you are recording a podcast with two people on diferent microphones, you should be able to hear each other through your head phones. Well thank you for your time.

Sure, if you are using appropriate hardware then that is easy to do. In my home studio I run up to 8 microphones into a mixer that has 2 headphone outputs, each of which I can feed into 4 way headphone amplifiers, so up to 8 people can listen via headphones to the “control room mix” from the desk.

What you are describing is different in that you are routing 3 independent devices through VAC. VAC is not our product and I don’t know how (or if) it can be configured to do what I do with hardware.

Neither of these two scenarios are related to or depend on Audacity. Audacity is just your audio recorder, editor and processor, not a virtual mixing console.