Multiple microphone mixing?

Hello! I have bought fraps a while ago and now intend on recording with some friends at my house. I understand that fraps does not have multiple mic support and need to know how I could record multiple of these headsets at once. I would prefer not to have to record fraps without sound then use a audio program (like Audacity) to record the multiple tracks then have to edit them together. Is there a way in Audacity in which I could mix multiple mics together to show up in the “external input” section in Fraps?

The transition from one microphone to more than one is the painful step. Computers are designed for single person use and generally support only one microphone or headset.

That’s usually Full Stop. There’s no way to plug more than one headset into a laptop – even the USB systems are generally limited to two by a software trick not all computers can do. It’s not just a microphone signal. The computer supplies battery voltage and sometimes management up that wire. You can’t just jam two together.

One poster built a headset powering system and bought a sound mixer to produce a multi-headset show. That does work.

You didn’t say exactly what you were doing, but we assume you were not a string quartet and just want to play Dungeons and Despots.

The easiest way to do that is put everybody on their own computer and make the recorder a “non participating” player on its own machine – just there to record the performance. That should give you the video of the game and a sound mix of all the people playing.