Multiple Guitar Effects in AmpKit to Audacity


So I recently purchased a Scarlett 2i2 interface. What I have done is connect my iPhone (w/ AmpKit) to the interface to try and get all of the different effects onto Audacity. I have since connected successfully and Audacity is picking up the AmpKit output on my iPhone but there are a couple of issues…

  1. When trying to dub a guitar track over another, it seems to be delayed a bit when I replay it. For example, while I record I am right on point with the rhythm guitars over the lead guitars, but the Audacity output has it slightly delayed when I play it back.

  2. AmpKit has multiple guitar effects so I recorded a track in Audacity with a delayed bass effect. So I have the recorded track in Audacity. However, if I change the effect on my AmpKit to a Blues effect, the recorded track now replays with the current Blues effect I have selected, rather than the delayed bass effect I originally recorded it with. Is there any way to lock in the effect in Audacity or is this just a problem with AmpKit?

If anyone has had exposure to AmpKit and can give me a few pointers, I’d appreciate it!

Thanks for all your help!


  1. When trying to dub a guitar track over another, it seems to be delayed a bit when I replay it.

I don’t know anything about AmpKit, but if you’re trying Overdubbing/Multitrack, we wrote a piece about that. Yes, delay management is a big deal.


I work for Agile (we make AmpKit) and I would like to help with #2. That is very perplexing.

If you’re sending the audio to Audacity and recording from there, it would seem that the resulting track should be baked, and wouldn’t be subject to any changes. The only time what you describe happens in AmpKit is when you’re re-amping a recording you made inside the app.

I can also help out with delay management and using Audacity - maybe drop us an email at info @ agilepartners