multiple exports tags


I’m using audacity 1.3.12 on a Debian/Squeeze box.

I have big audio files which consist of words/phrases : it’s a language course (FSI).

I used the sound finder to detect and mark all the separate words/phrases.

I checked them all and modified what was needed. This was ok and fast.

Now, I have 1000 marked regions in every file.
I use export multiple to create individual files: the problems began here:

  1. I have to “validate” for every marked place :frowning::(: a button for export all would be fine …
  2. I create a specific “tag model file” with personal tags (the shtooka project tags) because I wanted theses tags in my files: I have to load this file for every export file (so 1000 times in my case … ): why did’nt audacity keep the tag model file I chose at the begining? It’s a model.
  3. Audacity also delete the tags which are empty :frowning: .
  4. If I add a tag in the file, delete one, the tags are renamed when reloaded: why? It’s a pain to keep synchro between the files names and their content which I wrote in the marker’s export file.

Maybe there is a way to do it, but I didn’t find it.

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Tag support in Audacity is pretty rudimentary. You would probably do better to disable “Show Metadata Editor Prior to Export” (In Audacity 1.3.12 this is in “Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export”), then use a specialist bulk tagging program to handle the tags after exporting (such as “EasyTag”)


I made a python program to do that: the most annoying thing is the re-numbering when I add or remove markers.

It’s very difficult to keep in sync the datas in the marker-file and the files generated ans so, it’s difficult to automatize the tagging …
But I’m looking for some tricks to get it work: I’ll post the method when found: I have some ideas …

Thank’s for the answer :slight_smile: