Multiple export overwrite option

when using (export multiple) in audacity,is there any way to permenantly untick the (overwrite existing file) box as i keep forgetting to unclick would also save time as i use quite a lot–mickthefish.

No there isn’t.

I’ll move this to the “adding features” part of the forum.
I agree that it would be better if the user setting was retained, (and for safety, the default set to unchecked, don’t overwrite).

+1 from me to that

@Steve: do you have the skills to “make it so” :question:


+1 but I don’t want to default to off unless the user’s setting is retained. I think most users want to overwrite.


It’s a very simple change; currently (before the change to wxWidgets 3) the code looks like (in \src\export\ExportMultiple.cpp at or near line number 352):

   S.StartHorizontalLay(wxEXPAND, false);
      mOverwrite = S.Id(OverwriteID).AddCheckBox(_("Overwrite existing files"), wxT("true"));

needs two additional statements:

   S.StartHorizontalLay(wxEXPAND, false);
      wxString overwriteExisting(wxT("true"));
      gPrefs->Read(wxT("/Export/OverwriteExisting"), &overwriteExisting, wxT("true"));
      mOverwrite = S.Id(OverwriteID).TieCheckBox(_("Overwrite existing files"), overwriteExisting, wxT("true"));

and the changeover from a generic wxWidgets checkbox to a Preferences-aware TieCheckBox.

Hi Gale-I suppose it depends on what project your working on wether you prefer the checkbox (ticked or un-ticked)if as you say most people prefer it set to overwrite.not an easy FIX for me though!-mickthefish.

How about just:

      mOverwrite = S.Id(OverwriteID).TieCheckBox(_("Overwrite existing files"),

Done in commit 246a8c

Just saw that on the commit list :slight_smile:

I tried that first and got a compiler warning (maybe because “true” can be defined as a BOOL or as an INT depending on the OS and/or compiler). If you search the code for other instances where we use a TieCheckBox you will see that, historically, it is done the way I did it. FYI your way does not work on my system (Windows 7, MSVS 2010 & 2013, WxWidgets 2.8 - next week I should be on Windows 10, MSVS 2015 & wxWidgets 3.0).

It seems to be OK with Wx3, (which is now the correct version), and is now used in numerous places.