Multiple Displays

When I am recording sessions it would be very beneficial to have a second window that could be dragged to a second monitor so that the talent could see the Time Elapsed, a simple Signal meter, possibly other toolbars. I have tried mirroring, but when displaying to several artists, the font seems small. It would be great to be able to size these to fit a monitor.

A possible workaround : stick a magnifier / zoom app over it …
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If you’re familiar with Python, it would not be very difficult to create a Python script that displays a time counter (stopwatch), and sends a command to Audacity to start recording.

Another workaround would be to temporarily reduce the second monitor’s screen resolution so that everything is big (on Debian / Ubuntu, that’s through the “Display” settings).

The “DarkAudacity” fork has a bigger time display …

DarkAudacity, 2-3-2, fullscreen.png
DarkAudcaity is only available for Windows.

Really looking for a display to face talent rather than the Engineer.

The next version of Audacity has a “current time” display that may be positioned separately from the main Audacity window, and resized up to about double size.