Multiple Crashes

Audacity keeps crashing. Constantly, whether I am just listening to a file or trying to edit. It freezes so I cannot get the log. What can I do to prevent this? It’s frustrating trying to edit and post podcasts when I spend most of my time doing a force quit and recover the file, then it crashes again.

Is it a new Mac with Catalina?

Audacity doesn’t easily run on Catalina. Which method did you use to make it work at all? Terminal? Was Catalina an upgrade on an existing machine?

If we can’t come up with something simple, you may get to wait for the next version of Audacity.


It is Catalina. Even when I use terminal it crashes. I can’t remember if Catalina was on the machine, it’s just under a year old - may be an upgrade.

I have been using this for my podcast since I launched last year. I would have to switch to a new platform if we can’t figure this out…like wouldn’t switch back at that point. I love this software, so easy.