Multiple Audio Input Sound on Recording

Hi team, with a recent update I am not able to not have my webcam mic record over the internal windows recording. All my recordings are from on-line pod casts etc, and I have background noise that comes from whatever the webcam is picking up. I have tried all the settings to have a recording running from within windows and then a hand clap is picked up from the webcam, without unplugging the webcam what do you suggest. I have the following Host/Record Divise. MME/Sound Mapper or Webcam, Windows Direct/Primary Sound Capture Driver or Webcam, WASPAPI- only webcam. Thank you for your support, enjoy!

Choose WASAPI (loopback) as your [u]Audio Host and Recording Device[/u].

That will record whatever is coming out of your speakers/headphones. Normally you’re not hearing the microphone pickup through the computer speakers but if you are, you’ll need to turn-off/disable the microphone through the Windows control panel or Windows audio mixer.

[u]Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u]