Multi trim a cd audio track

I am using Audacity version 2.0.5. running on a Samsung Laptop with Win 7 Professional 64bit SP 1, and am trying to edit a Cd audio Track , trim several sections from it , and rejoin the remainder as a contiguous track. I tried, and failed to enclose a simple sketch in pdf format to illustrate what I’m trying to achieve. Is it possible to do this and how do I do it. All I have managed to do to date is delete the sections I want to retain. I would appreciate any advice that you can give. My copy of Audacity was recently down loaded as a zip file from your website and I am a novice user.
Many thanks.

There are lots of ways to streamline this process, but here’s a basic procedure:

  1. Rip (digitally extract) the audio from the CD in WAV format. “CDex” is a good, free CD ripper
  2. Import the WAV file(s) into Audacity (File > Import > Audio)
  3. If you import several tracks they appear one above the other. Use the Time Shift tool to drag them left/right so that they are in the order that you want them to play.
  4. Select a part that you want to delete (click and drag along the waveform, but see here for other ways to select audio
  5. Press the DEL key to delete.
  6. Use the Time Shift tool to adjust the positions of the remaining sections as necessary.
  7. Export you finished masterpiece (File > Export)

More information about basic editing here: