Multi Tracks

I’m trying to mix a vocal file and Instrumental file, but it’s not working out to well. I load the vocal and that track opens fine, but when I try and bring in Instrumental Track under the Vocal it opens in a new window. This just started happening because when I first started the first 3 attempts worked fine. Is there a special tool that I can set to make sure I get multi tracks on same work area? Thank you!

File > Import should open a second timeline in your existing window. Dragging a file into your window should work, too.


Thank you for your help. While I was waiting for approval to get in here I came across answer to my question. Now I’m trying to figure out how to extend a note. Have a wonderful weekend.

If it’s a single note, then try Effect > Change Tempo.

If the note is in there along with a bunch of other notes, maybe you don’t.