multi-track recording

How do I do that?

Can you provide the url of the links in the manual that covers this topic?

macos 10.12.6 audacity 2.0.6

thx, pat

Sure. Anyone can do plain overdubbing as long as your computer is up to perfect playback and perfect recording at the same time. Any machine that’s struggling to do either of those by itself may not have enough horsepower for overdubbing.

There are two versions. Plain overdubbing is where you create new tracks against existing backing tracks, but you don’t hear yourself while you’re playing or singing. This is where you see people with one earphone slipped off so they can hear themselves.

Perfect overdubbing is where you hear a perfect theatrical mix of your live performance and the backing tracks in your headphones during the performance. That usually takes specialist hardware—such a mixing board or special microphone with Zero Latency Monitoring.

Listening to the computer will almost never give you perfect overdubbing.

The manual takes you through making a plain, ordinary sound recording before you do anything else. If you have trouble doing that, the overdubbing setup will dig you a hole very rapidly.


No, I don’t recommend Apple earbuds for music production. They were handy for the picture and in a pinch, they do work.