Multi track recording issue

Been using Audacity for dozen years on Windows7 for multi track recording. Work great, never had any issue.
Got a new laptop with Windows10. Install the latest Audacity and ran into strange issue described below.

  1. record a music track first (no issue)
  2. record a second track, singing vocal based on the key of first track
    When playing back the second track sounds of pitch, one full step above my singing voice (for example, if I sing DO RE MI, play back second track will sound like RE MI FA#). Tried the old version of Audacity that I have on Win7 PC. Same problem. Tried latest Audacity with Win7, work fine.

Look in the Windows Sound settings and ensure that the sound card / audio interface that you are using is set to the same sample rate for recording and playback.

Thanks for the guide. I thought I could set the audio sampling rate on Audacity screen to either 44100Hz or 48000Hz (tried this and no effect). Did not know the sound card setting is the culprit.
I have tested by lowering the pitch of the second track by the 44100 / 48000 ratio and the second track sound in tuned but… Its tempo got slower and out of sync with first track.
Will try setting sound card sampling rate and update this topic.