Multi track recording Glitch

I have used Audacity on and off for years, it has always been simple and reliable, working every time.
I never had a problem operating the basic functions for recording one track at a time, then going to the next track, etc.

Today, I was astonished to find a glitch so bad, I simply could not continue my recording session.

I had imported a file for track one, which played fine, with great volume.
I then created a “track two” and recorded a main vocal onto it, but the volume was really low.
Once I had amplified the sound on track two, I created a “track three” to record onto.

and Thats when the problem occurred.
Instead of starting my recording from zero on “track three”, as selected, the recording started from the end of track one, every time.
I could not get the cursor to stay on track 3 for my recordings, it would just default to the end of track one when I selected record.
I am utterly perplexed by this glitch. Suffice to say I ended up in tears of frustration and wanted to throw something. :blush:
I have always been able to rely on Audacity to “get me out of the poo” when other software and device problems occur.
Now it is no longer reliable and i am gutted! Okay, so now the sob story is over. Does anyone have a clue what I maybe did without realising?
WINDOWS 7- 64 bit, SERVICE PACK 1 and AUDACITY 2.3.2

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When recording onto a new track, after creating two tracks already, I found that I could no longer record from zero on the 3rd track.

I was unable to continue my recording session, due to the cursor defaulting to the end of track one every time.
I don’t know what, if anything, was enabled by accident in order to do this, but it is not a glitch I have ever encountered before.

Windows 7 - 64 bit, Service Pack 1.

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a very similar thing is happening to me! mine is skipping to the end of my first recording and adding a stereo track, recording my new audio there. when i make a new mono track and try to record from the beginning, it again makes me start at the end of my first recording, this time copying my new audio from the new track onto the original one while simultaneously recording on the new track. very confusing

I had the same problem today. When I created a new mono track as my second track and started to record from the start, I observed the same behavior. I guess it is because you have a stereo input source, which you are trying to record into a mono track. Because when I deleted the mono track and started recording into a stereo track, the problem disappeared.