Multi track (>2) recording

I suspect this has been discussed but thought i’d ask specifically…what would be a recommendation for a laptop setup for >2 track recording?

I have a 4 channel audio interface that uses ASIO, so know that one option is to recompile. But that aside, is there a multi channel mixer that works natively with Audacity? Other device(s)? I use a laptop so input options are USB, unless there was a laptop card to insert for some other interface.

Some devices mentioned here …

Have you checked to see if you can access all 4 channels with MME, Direct Sound or WASAPI?
The “Device Info” (in the Audacity Help menu) lists the available capabilities reported by all compatible audio devices that Audacity can see. If you need help interpreting that info, save the info to your Desktop (or anywhere else convenient) and then upload the file with your reply (see here how to attach files to forum posts: