Multi-Selection ?

OK so I tweaked these two pages in the 3.2.0 alpha manual:

I decided not to bother with the edge case of “selection” being triggered by just cursor position(s) being present in tracks.

“My work here is done.”


waxcylinder wrote:

“My work here is done.”



Your latest macro works with mono and stereo files and combination of the two.
(Audacity Ver 2.4.2).
Thank you.


Thanks for your method as well, like I said, depending on situation, will put it to use as well.

Thanks waxcylinder. I’ve tweaked it a little more as I though the use of the word “selected” in the “Advice” box might be misinterpreted to mean that the temporal selection would be changed.

Yepper, I saw that - a good improvement IMHO - thanks :slight_smile: